Video Games and Aggression in Children

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The study conductor(s)top
Dr. Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D. (Iowa State University)
The participant(s)top
181 Japanese students ages 12 to 15; 1,050 Japanese students aged 13 to 18; 364 U.S. kids ages 9 to 12
Date study concludedtop
November 3, 2008
Funded bytop
Iowa State University, other independent sources unlisted.

To determine if correlation between aggression and violent video games exists.


The aggression levels of children who played “violent” video games (or genres) were recorded as higher than children who did not play the same video games or video game genres.

Methods usedtop

The U.S. students were asked their three favorite games and how often they played them. The younger Japanese group was polled on how often they played games from specific violent genres. The final group of older Japanese children were gauged on how often they played versus the violence levels contained within their favorite genres. Aggression levels in the children were determined by input from the children, parents, and teachers.


The study found that children who played violent video games were more aggressive than those that did not. The results were determined not so much through observation, though comments from parents and teachers were taken into account, but rather by asking the children about their own aggression levels.

  • The accuracy of children rating their own aggression levels is questionable.
  • Violence can range dramatically in most genres, sampling based on genre seems to make little sense — except perhaps with FPSs (First Person Shooters)
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Video Games and Aggression in Children. (2008).
   Retrieved January 21, 2018, from Public Studies Web site:
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“Video Games and Aggression in Children”
   Public Studies. 3 November 2008.
   January 21, 2018. <>.
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