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Blood Glucose Response

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1 Caucasian Male (control)
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October 1, 2009
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To demonstrate the base changes certain foods have on blood glucose level for a single individual while categorizing the foods, as it is suggested that the blood glucose response helps dictate a person’s weight gain, but that is for another study.


This study tests the blood glucose response of certain foods in a single individual (for control). Refined carbohydrates seem to produce the highest level of blood glucose response, these include but are not limited to: white bread; wholegrain bread; potatoes; sugar. The highest changes were seen with sugar (raising an average of 53 points, as opposed to 5 points which a carrot causes) and breads.

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Standard measurements with a +/-5 accuracy blood meter, obtained 3 times per reading (three separate fingers) and averaged. For three readings taken immediately after 8 hours of sleep, second reading taken at 15 minutes after eating, third reading taken 1 hour after eating.



Food Portion Pre 15 Min 1 Hour H Difference
White Bread 1 slice 97 125 117 28
Wholegrain Rye Bread 1 slice 98 123 115 25
Pizza 1 slice 98 122 118 24
(Breaburn) Apple 1 medium 97 106 101 9
  • [-] This study is specific for the individual, while these results may correlate with others, it is not intended to be a guide of any sort.
  • [_] Only enzyme treated (commonly found in store bought breads in the US) was used, there may be different results for non-enzyme treated bread.
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